"14000 Music Songs Albums" Series Nobuya Kobori release 400 instrumental albums.

At First, Nobuya Create 40 Albums, and Secondly Create every albums to 10 versions(Sorry, by the music sores spotify rules
 etc, I ready to conect multiple 30 seconds or less songs into one track.).

And Nobuya's objective is the most released music songs Guinness Records in the World.Please purchase and donate his music songs.

Please be a Nobuya "World Recorded Musician" patron.

If you purchase & donate this site all music more than $100 million in total, Nobuya  visit to play your private concert anywhere & he compose a original song only for you ( $5-$2000 per one song).

Now... 2019 songs on Spotify


Nobuya Kobori Affections (From Album "Afections Piano One Version") 2019/12/5

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All Kinds of Musician Nobuya Kobori "NOBURI" create All Genres.

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