12th July 2020 Today's Nobuya Kobori New Release Album & YouTube BGM & Podcast Radio

I'm "NOBURI" Nobuya Kobori. All Round & All Genres Musician.

I Continue to Release My Music Everyday on Every Music Stores. Are You Ready to Listen Releasing More Than 10000 Songs Increasingly Day by Day? Then....12th July 2020 Today's my New Release Music Stores & YouTube & Podcast Radio. Today's New Nobuya Kobori Album on Music Stores; 百花繚乱 The Multitude of Resplendent Flowers Every Music Streaming & Stores... -BandCamp-

Today's Nobuya Kobori New YouTube BGM [12th July 2020 BGM] Nobuya Kobori From Album -百花繚乱 The Multitude of Resplendent Flowers-

Today's Nobuya Kobori Radio Podcast Program Nobuya Kobori Music Radio

Thank you. Catch you later, tomorrow.


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