Hi, I'm Nobuya Kobori. Japanese All Kinds of Musician

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Hi, I'm Nobuya Kobori ("NOBURI"). Japanese All genres Musician. I'm Born in Aomori Prefecture in Japan at 29th April 1977. My Parents are from Aomori. And Father's job's the painter. My another job's Graphics Designer. And we join to collaborate with several album artworks.

These oil-painted arts of artworks are created by my father Katsuji Kobori. I'm living in Fukuoka Prefecture now.

I'm a (English or Japanese Language) lyricist, composer, (English or Japanese Language) singer, synthesizer player, pianist, arranger, recording engineer, DJ turntables player, music director, music producer,graphics designer, radio personality...and so on... My created genres are so a lot. Classical music,Jazz, Rock, EDM, Pops, Japanese traditional music, Heavy Metal, New Ages... and so on... Please enjoy with me. Everyday, I try to release on the world at every music stores Spotify, Apple Music, Goole Play Music, Deezer, Line Music, AWA, Amazon Music and Amazon Music unlimited...and so on. Thank you so much.

All Kinds of Musician Nobuya Kobori


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