On 18th March Sleep Peacefully Release on Every Music Stores

Updated: Mar 17

Hi, I'm Nobuya Kobori. All Genres Musician. On 18th March, This Music Album for Sleep, "Sleep Peacefully" release on Music Stores and Streaming for the World.

In fact, this Music is the longest music. If you listen to this music, you take to times "9 hours, 53 minutes, 46 seconds."

(Sorry, I don't recognize the already world longest released record song "about 13 hours.") But I want to be listen when you listeners go to sleep. I create this song with thinking about every persons go to bed. Now This Music appeared some downloadable stores iTunes etc as pre-released music. https://music.apple.com/jp/album/sleep-peacefully/1502110571 Thank You Nobuya Kobori Sleep Peacefully (10 track Album) from Horus Music

Synthesizer & Composer Nobuya Kobori Mixing & Mastering Engineer Nobuya Kobori

Painter as Art Work Katsuji Kobori Art Work Designer Nobuya Kobori Producer Nobuya Kobori #Healing #Soothing #Relaxing


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